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highjump elevate 2020

The Essential Guide to HighJump Elevate 2020

It is almost time for Elevate, HighJump’s annual user conference. HighJump Elevate 2020 takes place March 2nd through the 5th, 2020 in Orlando, Florida at the Orlando World Center Marriott. Pricing is $1,299 per registrant. 

The conference brings together supply chain professionals providing network opportunities and for professionals to augment the jobs by taking in educational topics not only around both the capabilities HighJump provides with their suite of technologies, but also to learn from peers who are leading panels and workshops as well as exciting keynote speakers. More than 100 educational sessions will take place this year, and while your specific track may vary based on your interests, job, or personal preferences, the conference is sure to amaze and provide the opportunity to come together with like-minded businesses to collaborate and learn more about the technologies that elevate your business. 

This guide to HighJump Elevate 2020 will provide a high-level view of the conference including some exciting appearances by keynote speakers. We will also provide information on how Veridian, a supply chain system technology company and partner of HighJump, will participate in the conference. 

Welcome Reception Sponsored by Veridian

HighJump Elevate 2020 will kick off on Monday, March 2nd, starting a 4 PM with a welcome reception, sponsored by Veridian. HighJump and the Veridian team invite all attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to usher in the start of HighJump Elevate 2020. The reception provides an opportunity for supply chain professionals to unwind and relax with a cocktail, catch up with old friends, and network with new faces. The reception is also a perfect time to get to know the landscape of the venue and start thinking about their planned track through the conference.

Keynote Speakers for HighJump Elevate 2020

Chad Collins, CEO of Software of Körber Logistics Systems

Chad Collins will officially launch Elevate 2020 on the mainstage with an address to the 700+ attendees of the conference. Mr. Collins, who was recently promoted (from CEO of HighJump) to CEO of Software for HighJump’s parent organization Körber Logistics Systems, is sure to captivate the attendees with industry insights and his perspective on Körber and HighJump’s role in enabling supply chain leaders with the tools to be successful in this competitive landscape.

Jamie Clarke

Jamie Clarke — 2018 Stanley Cup Champion and Extreme Adventurer, will be the primary keynote speaker for the conference. As a performance coach and having climbed Mount Everest, Jamie has a unique view of the world. His insights have been followed and applied by major companies, including IBM, Audi, and Kraft, and as an entrepreneur, he knows how to demonstrate leadership, sort through the chaos, and attain success.

Sean Elliot, HighJump’s Chief Technology Officer, Will Head the Focus on Robotics’ Discussion Panel

The conference will include an in-depth discussion panel titled, “The Rise of Warehouse Robotics” where HighJump CTO Sean Elliot will introduce the moderator, Dr. Andreas Bahke, Chief Digital Officer, Körber Logistics Systems, who will hold a lively conversation with panelists:

  • Melonee Wise, CEO. Fetch Robotics,
  • Leif Jentoft, Co-Founder & CTO, RightHand Robotics,
  • Mike Johnson, COO & President, Locus Robotics, and
  • John Santagate, VP of Robotics, HighJump

As a supply chain leader, you’ve seen robotics continue to take up a large share of conversation around the industry and you may have questions about the continued role and trends around robotics in the coming years. With that said, this panel is a can’t miss.

Supply Chain Technology Expo

Tuesday, March 3rd is the first day of the “Supply Chain Technology Expo” starting at 7:30 AM. But first, attendees will register and pick up their badges starting at 7:00 AM, and everyone can attend the exhibits at any open time throughout the conference. The expo will feature more than 50 unique services, products, and solutions that all enable better supply chain and warehouse management, including booths by several vendors and HighJump partners, including Veridian.

Women Leaders in Supply Chain Lunch, featuring Keynote Speaker Julian Guthrie

Julian Guthrie

On Wednesday at 12:10 pm, Veridian is proud to sponsor and invite all Elevate attendees to join for the Women Leaders in Supply Chain Luncheon. This 4th annual Women Leaders in Supply Chain Luncheon is an opportunity to network with your peers and celebrate the achievements and progression of women throughout the supply chain industry worldwide. This year’s event will feature author and keynote speaker, Julian Guthrie. Ms. Guthrie is a New York Times best-selling author who spent 20 years as a journalist with the San Francisco Chronicle. She is drawn to improbable underdog stories that combine great human drama with game-changing innovations. Her feature writing and enterprise reporting have been nominated multiple times for the Pulitzer Prize. She is the author of three books, including two national bestsellers and the recently released Alpha Girls, which was a Financial Times Summer Book of 2019 (4.8-star rating on Amazon) features the addictive stories of four incredible women who did things their own way and rewrote the code of Silicon Valley.

Veridian and HighJump welcome to all Elevate attendees to join us for this wonderful event. If you are interested, please RSVP here.

Learn More About the Value HighJump Warehouse Advantage with a Veridian Customer Success Story

Veridian and customer Fullscript will also conduct a presentation titled “Pre-Design: The Secret Step to Implementation Success.” The presentation will explore how the typical software implementation cycle consists of design, configuration, testing, training, and go-live. The design phase has always been seen as the “start” of the implementation process, but is it really? By watching this presentation from Veridian and customer Fullscript, you will learn how to challenge what has traditionally been the status quo for an implementation to help you achieve a higher level of success in the design phase and beyond. As a distributor of health supplements and connector of prescribers to the supplement supply chain, Fullscript has a unique view on the value of pre-design and its associated elements.

Supply Chain Technology Expo Reception

After a full day of soaking up great speakers and information on both the role of robotics in the supply chain and HighJump’s technology, wind down the day with Hors d’oeuvres and drinks at the “Supply Chain Technology Expo Reception.” At the reception, you’ll get to know this year’s HighJump Elevate 2020 sponsors, including Veridian and our team members. The reception will also include HighJump’s Elevate Customer Awards, so be sure to cheer on all of the winners as an acknowledgment of their hard work and efforts over the last year.

Remember to Visit Veridian’s Booth at HighJump Elevate 2020

Visit Veridian at HighJump Elevate 2020 at Booth #3 where we will be focused on how an objective, third-party can make the difference between success and failure when implementing a new supply chain system. We look forward to seeing peers, colleagues, friends, and partners at HighJump Elevate 2020. If you’d like to know more about Veridian and our services, reach out for a consultation today.