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Can You AutoMate Your WMS Implementation?

Implementing a new warehouse management system (WMS) is a time of great threat and opportunity. The right steps during implementation will reduce time to return on investment (ROI), improve warehouse management, and minimize risk. A misplaced step could result in severe setbacks, delays that rival entire business startup timelines, and more. Meanwhile, an implementation may involve the changing of hundreds of individual business practices, bringing all systems under a single platform. Warehouse Managers must also work to reduce implementation issues, and the ability to AutoMate your WMS implementation is key to success.

The Problem: Manual Data Migration and Implementation is Counterproductive

Managing risk is one of the top issues Warehouse Managers face during new WMS implementation, says Ian Hobkirk of Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors. Additional problems during implementation include not allowing enough time for project planning and preparation, not spending enough time on the actual implementation, and failure to delay “go live” plans. In other words, time management is responsible for the major problems affecting WMS implementation. It is in the best interest of implementation for Warehouse Managers to minimize the amount of time spent unnecessarily on WMS implementation, and this includes manual data migration, system configuration, and testing.

The Solution: AutoMate Your WMS Implementation to Reduce Risk

Before attempting to automate your WMS implementation, Warehouse Managers must first work to obtain executive-level buy-in and sponsorship, reports Material Handling and Logistics. Moreover, the Warehouse Manager should create a change management team, responsible for overseeing the full implementation, up to and including training and review of the system upon going live. In the modern era, Warehouse Managers have hundreds of potential system vendors from which to select a system, so an open dialogue is crucial to understanding system features, capabilities, and benefits. Warehouse Managers can also work with a third-party integrator (3PI), like Veridian, to take advantage of automating configuration building and system testing.

The Reward: WMS Implementation Benefits from Using AutoMate

Veridian AutoMate is designed with time management in mind. Successful automation in WMS implementation must involve both automated configuration migration abilities as well as automated execution of test scripts. The Veridian AutoMate platform allows Warehouse Managers with limited or no experience in programming to achieve best in class results and service in designing WMS testing through Veridian TestLead. Warehouse Managers can perform extensive tests while reducing labor costs and time associated with such tests.

Furthermore, automating the testing process allows for retesting of the system whenever changes are introduced, regardless of time. This is essential for warehouses that are operating around the clock. Members of the change management team can review test results the next morning or at their convenience, which implies testing can take place when warehouses are shut down for the evening, if applicable. Of course, the world of e-commerce never sleeps, so being able to perform testing in the background is critical.

The benefits of the Veridian AutoMate platform also include ConfigBuilder, one step creation, implementation, and validation of system configuration. This can eliminate countless hours of manual key entry of configuration elements, requiring Warehouse Managers to simply select a source configuration and apply such configuration to additional system features and needs.

Simplify Your WMS Implementation Today

Successful WMS implementation does not have to be completed manually, and today’s systems are designed for automation. Streamline your WMS implementation by taking advantage of automation wherever possible, including using the Veridian AutoMate platform. Learn more about how Veridian can assist with your WMS implementation, including selection, implementation, and more.

Veridian can help you realize your supply chain success. Fill out the contact information below in order to schedule a consultation call with one of our supply chain professionals.