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The Five Key Benefits of EOMS For Your Supply Chain

An enterprise order management system (EOMS) is essential to maximizing efficiency and productivity in modern supply chains. There are many benefits of EOMS to omnichannel supply chains as well, and you need to know how they could be leveraged to improve your organization’s operations.

  1. Benefits of EOMS Includes Improved Inventory Oversight

Inventory control and management are among the top benefits provided by such management systems. The system ensures all items are accounted for and prevents the overstocking or understocking of items. This is only possible with analytics and modeling systems that simulate possible scenarios and factors in the market, which translate into better, real-time forecasting and action in the supply chain.

  1. It Reduces Costs by Improving Order Accuracy

Consumers expect to get the products they want and ordered 100 percent of the time. However, errors may occur, and like products get mixed up. An effective system can recognize this problem during the order fulfillment process. In other words, automated identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies and auditing features within the systems can prevent the wrong product from being sent to consumers. Thus, the risk of losing a customer decreases.

  1. Integrated EOMS Builds on Real-Time Order Status and Inventory Management

A major problem in today’s inventory management systems lies in the relevance of inventory status to actual inventory levels. Consumers that see a product listed as out of stock are more likely to abandon their purchases for your competitors. Fortunately, an EOMS system can be deployed to increase real-time inventory management and ensure items that are in demand are kept in stock. Similarly, ordered items can be tracked with greater efficiency, keeping customers in the loop.

  1. The System Improves Information Accessibility in the Supply Chain

Omnichannel supply chains

, the new gold standard of economics, rely on having accurate information across all possible channels and at all times. A successful management system enhances this capacity by giving all parties access to appropriate information, which reduces the risks associated with abandoned carts and uncompleted orders. Essentially, this increase in accessibility promotes higher profit margins and sales.

  1. Implementation Increases Customer Service Levels

Another key benefit of an enterprise-wide order management system lies in how it impacts customer service. When customer service representatives have access to information needed, they can resolve disputes or complaints by consumers promptly. The system may also be integrated with your accounting system. Meanwhile, increased accuracy and pace of order fulfillment when these systems are used reduces the number of negative consumer interactions in the first place. Thus, the level of customer service increases as well.

In a Nutshell

There are many benefits of EOMS to modern supply chains, and companies that have not implemented such order management systems enterprise-wide will face greater scrutiny and dissatisfaction among consumers. By understanding the system’s benefits, you can encourage C-level personnel to invest in a new system for enterprise order management now.