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benefits of OMS

The Benefits of OMS

The use of an order management system (OMS) adds value to your supply chain and reduces inefficiencies. The implementation of such a system can help an organization achieve omnichannel success, explains Supply Chain 24/7. Supply chain leaders need to understand the top benefits of OMS use and why it is crucial to success in today’s world.

Support All Channels

The leading benefits of OMS implementation are derived from its ability to support all channels. This includes brick-and-mortar locations, online ordering, ordering from a store, and more. Since the system relies on data from across the entire supply chain, it empowers omnichannel success.

Manage All Customers

The same benefits of OMS for boosting omnichannel success also have a natural implication for managing customer experiences.

Your company can connect and understand consumers across all channels through the use of such a system.

Launch and Manage Comprehensive, Companywide Promotions, and Product Offers

When it is time to run a promotion or other offers, the OMS can take on additional benefits in the form of marketing perspectives. Since the system provides data on activities within each channel, the comprehensive review of data will enable better planning of promotions.

Ensure Consistency and Accuracy in All Channels

A dedicated OMS also improves consistency and accuracy across inventory management in all channels and warehouses.

Manage Payment Processing and Tracking

Another factor to consider when upgrading supply chain systems is how payments are handled. Now, payment processing is a significant aspect of rapid supply chain management, but an OMS allows for streamlined payment management in both incoming and outgoing payments. In other words, the OMS may be useful in directing refunds to consumers and making payments to suppliers and vendors, says NetSuiteBlogs.

Supports the WMS, TMS, and Returns Management Process

The OMS is comparable to the brain of the supply chain, connecting your WMS, TMS, and returns management process. Even though each system may function independently, the data generated should be applied in conjunction with an analysis of all data collected.

Optimizes the Labor Force

Improved data mining and analysis through the OMS will also allow for optimized labor management. Supply chain leaders can refine the schedule to ensure that enough workers will be in each facility and meet consumer expectations.

Lowers Shipping Costs

Using an OMS also offers an opportunity to reduce shipping costs. Essentially, carriers may offer discounted rates for bulk shipments and consolidated shipments, as well as retailers that gain “Shipper of Choice” status. The OMS provides the first steppingstone toward achieving these capabilities and discounts. As a result, the company will see increased profitability through lowered overhead expenses.

Reap the Rewards of OMS With Integrated, Connected Systems

The rewards of using an OMS are too great to ignore, and retailers that take the time to understand the benefits of OMS implementation can propel their omnichannel supply chains forward. Of course, an OMS is only one system in a lineup of software that can benefit your organization. Visit Veridian online today to find out more about how the right blend of technologies will benefit your business.

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