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best wms in 2019

What Is the Best WMS in 2019?

As parents across the country geared up for their children’s return to school, retailers began the process of evaluating their plans for the upcoming peak season and fiscal year. Part of this process includes an assessment of the systems in use, including the warehouse management system (WMS). Even those supply chain leaders that implemented a newer system as recently as five years ago must rethink their strategies and overcome new obstacles. To ensure success, supply chain leaders should move forward with a list of potential WMS vendors, and for this year, these best WMS in 2019 vendors include the following:


HighJump made great strides this year to allow for customer-specific changes to the business-logic level without changing underlying source code. Furthermore, HighJump continues working to bring harmony to its available WMS solutions through the HighJump One Platform. As a Microsoft-centric company, HighJump will stand apart from WMS vendors this year.


Generix made it onto this year’s list for the Best WMS in 2019 for both its technical skill and strong European presence. Generix’s SOLOCHAIN offers combined manufacturing and warehousing management through integrated WMS and MES capabilities. More importantly, the 2D warehouse mapper and heat mapping technologies allow for ongoing in-warehouse traffic optimization.

Infor SCM

Infor is the third-largest WMS vendor, and it works by offering a single vendor for global capabilities. It uses a unique platform, Mongoose, to allow users to change functions without advanced coding. As a result, users can customize the WMS to their liking.

Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates made it onto this year’s grouping with ease, and it continues to support WMS markets through high-end and robust functions. The company offers three WMS solutions, and it also focuses on building into the omnichannel space with its Active Omni solution. Such versatility is essential for companies looking to invest in more technology and automation to drive efficiency.


JDA continues to reign in its role as “Best in Class” WMS among customer references, and its wide-ranging verticals are an upshot of its agile functions. While an independent provider, JDA WMS offers strong support for its partners, as well as help with integration to TMS and other supply chain systems, building back into its convergence of supply chain strategy.


Made4net remains a small vendor, primarily servicing Level 2 and Level 3 warehouse operations with its WMS, but with the capacity to serve customers up to Level 5. The company focuses on API-based integrations, rule engines, diverse languages in its platforms, and partnerships with emerging robotics companies.


Oracle remains one of the most well-known enterprise solutions providers on the planet. With its acquisition of LogFire, Oracle WMS
will continue to grow in both North and South American, and it leverages cloud technology to manage upgrades and add value. Using RESTful APIs, customization of WMS remains a vital component in Oracle platforms.

Descartes Systems Group

As explained by Tech Times, Descartes Systems Group rounds out this list for its ability to simplify tedious and complex WMS functions and allow for the tracking and measurement of delivery resources. The company focuses on regulatory compliance and building its partnering warehouses’ interests.

A Quick Review of Key Considerations When Choosing a WMS

The vendors chosen for this year’s lineup of the best WMS in 2019 vendors involved a review of these critical areas:

  • Function. How well does the system accommodate the growing warehouse?
  • Cost. How much does the system cost to implement, including the costs of upgrades and maintenance?
  • Customer Needs. Does the system allow for integration with existing platforms and systems?
  • Warehouse Size. Can the system handle warehouses of all levels?

Choose an Expert to Help You Find the Solution That Will Best Fit Your
Supply Chain

The WMS market revolution continues, and the solutions of yesteryear may not necessarily be the best solution for your company. A change in the vendor or function warrants consideration of new capabilities and applicable systems. As your organization begins the process of planning for the coming year, appraise this list when choosing a new software vendor. Find out how to get started reviewing your needs and wants by requesting a consultation with Veridian today.

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