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e-commerce and warehousing

E-Commerce and Warehousing: Areas of Focus to Prepare for Fulfillment

As explained by Brian Barry of Multichannel Merchant, shippers tend to focus on short-term needs and ignore the space requirements for efficient fulfillment. When upgrading or building new spaces, the primary areas of focus are often broken into broad categories, such as labor, consumers, and location. However, detail-oriented areas of focus can provide a better rubric for e-commerce and warehousing success.

Total Square Feet in All E-Commerce and Warehousing Spaces

The first e-commerce and warehousing consideration to look at for supply chain leaders is managing the total square footage of all e-commerce and warehousing spaces, which includes warehouses, fulfillment centers, and even brick-and-mortar locations. More insight and visibility into your total square footage will allow for better planning of inventory and picking optimization.

Dock Doors

The choice of dock doors employed by your organization plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless e-commerce and warehousing processes. It is essential to consider how different dock door types can impose physical constraints on freight handling, impact the work of dock personnel, and address the protection of shipments from external elements in the realm of Ecommerce Development.

Equipment for Dock Loading, Unloading, Moving Trailers

The type of equipment used for dock loading, unloading, and moving
trailers is another critical consideration for supply chain leaders. In
addition to purchasing equipment, warehouses must also consider maintenance
needs, resulting in downtime for assets and lowering the overall fill rate when
maintenance does occur.

The Shape of the Building

The shape of the building will also affect fill rates. A poorly shaped warehouse that is not suited for your omnichannel success needs may lead to inefficiencies. Of course, it is not always possible to pre-design the shape of your building, but companies that do add on to existing facilities should consider the shape of the building in making planning decisions to streamline e-commerce and warehousing.

Condition of the Floors, Racking, and Roof

The condition of floors, racking, and the roof of your building plays a role in the adequate flow of products throughout your facilities. Maintain regular inspections of these assets, optimize slots, and ensure floors are free from debris or other potential risks, such as cracks or damage.

Employee Amenities

Amenities play a vital role in satisfaction among your workforce, as well as those that visit your facility. Amenities may serve multiple functions, especially for workers on-break or truckers waiting for unloading/ loading to complete. Amenities may also have technological aspects too, including WI-Fi, charging stations and even showers. While you do not want your facility to become a truck stop, it can go a long way in providing the same restful and refreshing services to drivers and employees. Happier workers translate into more efficiency, productivity and even may increase eligibility for shipper-of-choice status.

Future Expansion

Future expansion should always be another consideration when making any decision relating to the future of e-commerce and warehousing in your organization. Furthermore, companies should deploy data to understand future expansion needs and move facilities closer to consumers to reduce shipping costs and delays in product delivery windows.

Know How to Improve E-Commerce
and Warehousing With the Right Partner

and warehousing
are affecting every shipper and retailer on the planet. Even FedEx is making
improvements by deploying robotics in new systems to streamline operations, and
supply chain leaders need to take note as the use of advanced technologies will
be a leading way to successfully navigate the growing demands of e-commerce and warehousing.
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