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Manhattan Associates WMS Patches: Reducing Labor Needed in IT to Test Patches

Take a moment to think about existing warehouse management systems (WMS) in your company. Can they integrate with newer systems, and if not, what type of resources would be necessary to force integration?
The answers to these questions can be complex, especially among large-scale enterprises and companies using multiple systems. However, a third-party integrator, also known as a supply chain systems integrator (3PI), like Veridian Solutions, can help bring your existing systems into alignment with newer systems, like Manhattan Associates WMS.

How Does a 3PI Reduce Delays in Managing and Implementing Manhattan Associates WMS Patches?

A patch refers to the programming and system requirements necessary, including software and hardware, that allow a new system’s features or updates to integrate with your existing systems. If you have already implemented a Manhattan Associates WMS, you may need to quickly roll out portions of configuration between multiple facilities if a new patch within the WMS requires additional configurations. In fact, this is the rationale behind the purpose-built, Veridian ConfigBuilder.

What About Labor Resources?

A successful patch may require skills that your in-house IT department and vendors simply do not have. In addition, vendors may have other appointments and obligations beyond ensuring their latest patch does not cause issues when paired with your system’s updates, platforms or other technologies. However, a 3PI can overcome this challenge with a dedicated team of experts and integrability configuration and testing systems, such as Veridian ConfigBuilder and TestLead, to fix and prevent any issues from the beginning. As a result, your downtime decreases, and your internal IT labor costs associated with patches decrease in tandem.

How Does a Supply Chain System Integrator Handle Patch Testing?

One of the challenges in the successful deployment and use of patches, especially when integrating an existing Manhattan Associates WMS with other systems, lies in people’s experience handling integrability between the systems. This is where Veridian Solutions comes into play, testing the system automatically through Veridian TestLead. This system is reusable, meaning it can be activated repeatedly, following any additional patches necessary to keep your Manhattan Associates WMS working in accordance and simultaneously with other systems in your supply chain.

Veridian TestLead can handle dynamic changes in your systems’ patches and can scale to any size. As a result, the system can test functions within your systems and send files via file-transfer-protocols (FTP) to update the system. Essentially, this provides an added level of validation to a new patch to ensure minimum disruptions following upgrades of other systems?

Work With an Expert Partner, Veridian Solutions, to Handle Manhattan Associates Patches.

You could try to manage the implementation and integrability of patches in-house, but you run the risk of increasing system-wide disruptions and lost opportunities. In addition to being experts on the matter, especially involving Manhattan Associates, Veridian Solutions’ team, including Sandeep Patel, Head of WMOS Development, will work one-on-one with you to stay in contact through ongoing system support, ensuring your systems deliver and complete a patch successfully. By working together and through advanced processing systems, like TestLead and ConfigBuildercommon challenges in installing patches to make the most of your WMS and new systems or upgrades can be overcome more easily.