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Omnichannel Customer Experience: How Customer Experience With a Retail Brand Is Changing Supply Chain Strategies

Omnichannel customer experiences are everything, and your business strategy must fall in line, creating the best, seamless customer experiences possible.

Omnichannel is among the newest topics affecting retailers, but it is not a new concept. It refers to the combination and integration of systems to create a seamless shopping experience for customers across all channels, including e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, applications, and web browsers. Diverging from the traditional, multichannel sales, which were based on a divided, two-pronged approach of online and in-store, the omnichannel customer experience is a cross-channel selling and fulfillment strategy, putting the power of shopping in the hands of customers.

Robust distribution centers and online order fulfillment via ship-to-home never require customers to enter a store. Still, the customer’s experience with a retail brand forces supply chain strategies to evolve, creating a high-availability of product and unmatched customer service. Supply chain managers need to consider the problems that are preventing the evolution of omnichannel strategies and how to create a compelling omnichannel customer experience.

What’s Keeping Companies From Creating a Positive, Fulfilling Omnichannel Customer Experience?

Up to 57% of shoppers use mobile devices while shopping in-store, asserts Supply Chain 24/7, yet it remains unknown how many retailers actually use this knowledge to adapt the supply chain. Companies have an opportunity to use this information to improve the entire supply chain and customer experience. However, it means the sharing of traditionally separated information to become involved in the sales funnel.

  • Distribution center managers need to know what in-store associates are doing to interact with customers and vice-versa.
  • Companies have also taken note of the need to offer alternative ways of checkout, like Scan and Go applications, but such apps put pressure on employees, specifically security, to prevent shrink.
  • Ad-blockers and other browser extensions may also adversely affect the goal of reaching consumers while in the store, so the days of using Cookies and APIs to easily access consumers’ device histories are quickly closing.

Channeling a positive omnichannel customer experience, pun intended, is as simple as connecting with consumers in more ways and through every step of the shopping journey.

What Best Practices Build on and Improve the Omnichannel Customer Experience?

Retailers seeking to improve the customer experience in omnichannel should start accessing and using the data collected via e-commerce portals and in-store shopping habits, like accessing web browsers via in-store Wi-Fi or branded apps. Major companies, like Neiman Marcus, Williams Sonoma, Dillard’s, and Petco, reports Chain Store Age, have successfully made use of this information. Those seeking to boost experiences should also follow these best practices:

  • Offer services to aid in data capture, like in-store Wi-Fi, in-app coupons, and even apps designed to allow mobile device-based checkout explains Manhattan Associates.
  • Share information across all departments, channels, and personal reports Cerasis.
  • Stay involved with consumers. Consumers want follow-through, and companies can use information gathered to notify customers of abandoned purchases and fine-tune the experience.

Looking Into How Customer Experiences Will Continue to Shape Supply Chain Strategies

The omnichannel customer experience should be a network, enabling the continuous use of information to promote more purchases, get customers in and out of stores faster, complete online purchases with ease, get products to consumers at home, in-store, or at other delivery locations, and reduce instances of under or overstocking. Veridian helps you achieve this goal, which is also your omnichannel supply chain strategy.

Partner with Veridian to infuse vitality, efficiency, and productivity into your supply chain. Schedule a time to speak with Veridian by clicking the button below. Also, download our brand-new white paper on the “Amazon Effect” to understand a major change agent of the omnichannel customer experience.

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