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[WHITE PAPER] Reverse Logistics: The Key to Omnichannel Success

Veridian - Reverse Logistics - The Key to Omnichannel Success White Paper - CoverCompanies cannot afford to write-off the costs of reverse logistics. Up to 50 percent of all returned products are resold in an attempt to recoup costs, reports Andrew Orben of Tekovery, as published within Edition 99 of Reverse Logistics Magazine. With the risks of returns rising in tandem with the growth of e-commerce, supply chain leaders must understand why a focus on reverse logistics can make or break a profitable supply chain.

In this white paper from Veridian, you’ll learn:

  • Defining Reverse Logistics in the Omnichannel Supply Chain
  • The Cost of Reverse Logistics
  • How to Control Reverse Logistics by Gaining End-to-End Visibility
  • Best Practices to Manage Reverse Logistics in Omnichannel