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Supply Chain Systems Specialists

Using Supply Chain Systems Specialists to Complete Your Project

Supply chain systems specialists help supply chain leaders select, implement, and complete supply chain technology projects faster. Focusing on the overall success of the implementation, these specialists become real partners and work together to save money, time, and resources. Supply chain leaders faced with a new software implementation process need to know why supply chain systems specialists are valuable and how they add to ROI through better optimization efforts and use of system functions.

Supply Chain System Upgrades or Implementations May Come With Steep Problems

Supply chain system implementations are challenging projects. The complexity of these systems has increased significantly over the last 20 years as a result of numerous factors, including changes to operating system preferences, advancements in user interfaces, integration with material handling equipment, and advancements in robotics. Depending on their business model, different software vendors will accept varying levels of responsibility for the overall success of the implementation. The remainder of the responsibility defaults to the customer, who typically undertake these types of projects once every 4-7 years. Customers simply cannot maintain an appropriate level of expertise executing these projects as a result of the infrequency of the endeavors and the rate of change in the underlying systems. This leads to poorly informed decision-making, brute-force implementations with drawn-out timelines, excessive manual execution, heavy system modification, and an increase in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the system.

Consider the issues presented by Material Handling and Logistics:

“Manufacturers, 3PLs and others in the supply chain often get lost in the details. They feel there are so many factors to consider, so therefore the solution must be as equally complex. That’s not true. As explained by the popular saying about how to eat an elephant (“one bite at a time”), overwhelming problems are best solved by simplifying how you look at the issue and taking small steps.”

Without an objective view, entire software projects may fail.

Supply Chain Systems Specialists Enable Better Project Management

Working with supply chain systems specialists transfers the burden of managing the software implementation project to an independent third party, such as Veridian. Businesses gain a realistic view of the project through third-party eyes. Veridian takes this stance to maintain objectivity, determining how a software or service will add value to your organization. In this role, Veridian further ensures that all decisions made in the course of the project achieve core business goals, not necessarily fulfill a sale.

The value of working with third-party services for a truly objective view of the supply chain was explored in-depth as SaaS-based systems began to appear in the market in 2007 by an article in the MIT Sloan Management Review, entitled, “The Need for Third-Party Collaboration.” Consider this excerpt:

Companies have moved away from hierarchical, integrated supply chains in favor of fragmented networks of strategic partnerships with external entities. (See “The Disintegration of the Supply Network.”) This transformation has caused ripples throughout the old supply network. Many businesses are struggling to compete in the new landscape. However, it is not clear how sustainable the fragmented supply chain will be — particularly for small and mid-size enterprises. Following the period of disintegration, it will be only a matter of time before there is a compelling need for reintegration, which for many companies will have to be coordinated and facilitated by independent third parties.”

This is where supply chain systems specialists can help, reintegrating the supply chain, and restoring the independence of warehouses and true resellers in the market.

How to Choose and Maximize The Use of Supply Chain Technology Specialists

To avoid ambiguity and maximize the use of third-party supply chain systems specialists, follow these simple tips:

  • Review recommendations.
  • Look for an objective third party with a history of media surrounding multiple software vendors.
  • Consider integration capabilities and experience.
  • Never assume you must work with the vendor-specified supply chain systems specialist.
  • Never pay the full cost upfront.
  • Always ask for frequent updates and expected implementation durations prior to the beginning.

Let Veridian Optimize Your Next System Implementation Project

Veridian has the experience and resources to serve as an objective partner during your next project. Realize that vendor-specified services will likely cost more and possibly lead to unnecessary software modifications. However, you can avoid that problem by understanding the facts and choosing an established third-party specialist first. Request a consultation with Veridian online today.