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Warehouse Management's Role in Improving Customer Experience veridian-featured image

[WHITE PAPER] Warehouse Management’s Role in Improving Customer Experience

Warehouse Management's Role in Improving Customer Experience veridian-whitepaper-pdf-cover

The modern warehouse offers an opportunity to connect with customers in new ways, reduce carrying costs, and increase efficiency. While thousands of specific actions exist to support modern fulfillment, including the use of smart warehouses, warehouse management itself continues to be the key defining factor in customer experiences. In addition, the U.S. Department of Commerce  noted the continued growth of e-commerce at approximately 4% each quarter in 2018. If trends continue, e-commerce will quickly become a dominant force in today’s retail landscape. Unfortunately, e-commerce remains a faceless area of business, and customers may never see the faces of staff members. Customers only care about one thing—getting what they ordered, at the price they ordered, and at a greater value than Amazon. If any problem arises, customers will vent their frustrations and may choose to leave the company for good. It is a grave risk for modern business, but effective warehouse management can lessen it.

This white paper will explore the invaluable role of warehouse management in building positive customer experiences, including:

  • The problems contributing to poor customer experiences and failures within supply chain management.
  • The customer experience benefits of effective warehouse management.
  • Best practices to deploy a customer-centric, company-wide strategy for success. 

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