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manhattan active omni

What Is Manhattan Active™ Omni?

Omnichannel fulfillment, relying on the full suite of your supply chain solutions, combines all channels into a single approach and optimizes management through connected technologies to reduce out of stocks, expedite shipping times, and give customers a seamless experience. Customers expect the option to buy online, at physical stores, the ability to change their purchases on-the-go, and seek out the best deals. However, executing an omnichannel supply chain strategy can be challenging, and many retailers continue to operate in a multi-channel mindset vs. an omnichannel mindset. At NRF 2020, omnichannel was referred to as “No Channel.”  The customer doesn’t know the channel; it is a purely a retailer construct. As reported in Retail Dive, “roughly half (48%) of retailers have implemented a single commerce platform, according to Boston Retail Partners’ (BRP’s) 2019 POS/Customer Engagement Survey, and an additional 46% plan to have one in place within three years.” Fortunately, Manhattan Active™ Omni is the solution that will enable supply chain leaders to implement omnichannel capability in their supply chains, and therefore, we want to make leaders aware and answer the question, “What is Manhattan Active™ Omni?”.

What Does the Manhattan Active™ Omni Suite Do?

Manhattan Active™ Omni is a single platform that touches all omnichannel operations regardless of their origin and destination. Retailers leveraging Manhattan Active™ Omni can tailor their inventory requirements while viewing customers and their transactions across all channels. The solution also connects your fraud, address validation, tax system, payment gateway, pricing engines, and many other capabilities all onto one seamless platform allowing thorough order optimization. The platform runs around the clock and within the cloud, connecting the physical and virtual realities to offer the customer and the users of the platform in the supply chain a seamless experience. The same concept was recently explored by Gartner, described as the digital twin of the supply chain, and Manhattan Active™ Omni might be described as the digital twin of omnichannel.

Which Retailers Need Manhattan Active™ Omni?

Manhattan Active™ Omni is a comprehensive digital platform that provides inventory access and visibility across all fulfillment locations be it 3PLs, vendors, on the water purchase orders, DCs, or stores. Through its Manhattan Active™ Store, retailers can finally provide cross-channel customer service, manage inventory, and create the tailored, engaging experiences customers want. In short, every retailer could benefit from the use of Manhattan Active™ Omni.

Manhattan Active™ Omni also stands apart as the most advanced order fulfillment optimization platform ever created for the retail world. It prioritizes experiences based on the speed of delivery, pricing, engagement, and much more. An easy-to-use interface and robust capabilities make Omni a smart choice for many retailers. Mobile functionality—which now dominates all transactions across every retailer—is also natively built within the platform, improving customer satisfaction and creating better, more profitable supply chains. 

Benefits of Implementation

The benefits of implementing Manhattan Active™ Omni within your supply chain are significant. The platform centralizes customer relationship management, distributed selling, enterprise inventory, and adaptive network fulfillment to identify the most experience-rich opportunities to connect with customers. The platform was designed and built on top of Manhattan’s order management services as well, furthering the goal of success within omnichannel. Specifically, the key benefits of implementing Manhattan Active™ Omni Suite Solutions in your supply chain include:

  • Higher customer engagement through a single-swipe checkout and payment processing capability. 
  • Enterprise inventory management to give customers options, even when a particular store is out of inventory. 
  • Adaptive fulfillment processes and visibility to eliminate abandoned carts and purchases. 
  • CRM at the touch of a button, giving users access to the customers’ electronic black book, tailoring shopping experiences to each user.

Learn How Manhattan Active™ Omni Could Benefit Your Business

Now Manhattan Active™ Omni is the go-to solution for improved omnichannel success and engagement with customers. Find out more about how your organization can tap into this elevated level of omnichannel capability in your supply chain by connecting with Veridian, a trusted Manhattan Associates implementation partner, and request a consultation today.

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