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Omnichannel and Customer Expectations

Omnichannel and Customer Expectations: How Retailers Get Positive Ratings

Customer expectations are evolving, and supply chain leaders need to think about the processes of omnichannel and customer expectations and how a customer’s feedback of their experience with your brand is a way to continually improve processes. Even the best processes on the planet will lack value if a customer decides not to return to your store. Customers are fickle and have high expectations when it comes to purchasing products. A failure of your company in one or two instances will likely alienate the customer. As a result, meeting both omnichannel and customer expectations are critical factors in developing and maintaining your competitive advantage, as well as building brand value. Supply chain leaders need to understand the problems of failure to meet such expectations, the benefits of positive interactions, and a few best practices to improve experiences regardless of channel and time.

The Problems Leading to Failure to Meet Omnichannel and Customer Expectations

According to Frank
Kochenash of TotalRetail
, problems arise when retailers focus on
channel-specific needs and not the needs of their consumers. As companies have
focused on creating omnichannel needs, they have retained a need to manage each
channel independently. Even when blending channels, channel-specific needs are
often considered first and foremost, before making any changes necessary to
allow a seamless transition between channels. Unfortunately, creating an
omnichannel experience alone is not enough, says Seeta
Hariharan of Multichannel Merchant

Additionally, customers have needs, wants and desires, not
channel-specific concerns. Customers want to know where the product is at any
given point. They want to know when the product will arrive, whether it has
been shipped yet, and what steps were taken to ensure its time of delivery.
They do not care whether it comes from the store or warehouse. They care about
getting what they want. In other words, retailers must work extra hard to meet
customer expectations.

Benefits of Building Processes Based on Positive Customer Expectations

The benefits of positive customer expectations and
experiences include increased brand loyalty and the likelihood the customer
will continue to shop and share positive experiences. On average, a single negative
experience will solicit a negative review or other consequence from consumers,
On the other hand, mitigating the losses of one lousy experience can take up to
10 times more positive experiences to repair the damage. Meanwhile, more than
60 percent of customers check reviews and ratings of the product before
visiting the store. Unfortunately, up to 61 percent of retailers do not offer
consumer product reviews for research. Ultimately, retailers are losing an
opportunity to save money and gain additional insights into customer needs and

Best Practices to Improve Experiences and Exceed in the Fundamentals of Omnichannel and Customer

Improving experiences through refined omnichannel strategies is about much more than just blending channels. As explained by CSG, an effective omnichannel strategy for today must offer something that goes beyond a traditional blending. For example, common benefits in improving experiences include better customer care, reduced rate of returns, and more. Companies that wish to improve customer experiences in the world of e-commerce and omnichannel supply chain strategy should also follow these additional steps:

  • Decentralize customer care.
  • Personalize omnichannel shopping experiences.
  • Give customers access to historical transactional details.
  • Utilize ratings and reviews of your business to build brand value and attract more customers.
  • Develop and deploy buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) processes.
  • Apply data to understand customer interactions.
  • Take advantage of BOPIS practices to give customers additional options for returns management.

Get Your Organization on Track to Positive Ratings

How customers view your business is everything. Creating a
positive experience is critical to the continued success of your business. Most
customers, 51
, will stop shopping at a retailer after one or two miserable
in-store shopping trips, so it is essential that every interaction be the best
it can be. Improve customer experiences, and reap the benefits of omnichannel
and greater brand value by implementing the right processes and procedures to
give customers exactly what they expect. Find out how by scheduling your
consultation with Veridian

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