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Why a WMS Third-Party Integrator Brings Better Customer Experience to your Company

The importance of the customer experience cannot be overstated in modern retailers and businesses. The experience hinges on having the right inventory on hand, receiving inventory on time, sending out orders quickly, and minimizing costs wherever possible. For any company distributing their own product, the use of a warehouse management system (WMS) is key to fulfilling the customer experience, but selecting, implementing, maintaining, and upgrading a WMS are not simple endeavors. Inefficient use of a WMS can result in delays in order processing and adversely affect the customer experience. However, a WMS third-party integrator can help in several key ways.

A WMS Third-Party Integrator Assists With Software Selection

The need to upgrade existing WMS and supply chain systems has never been higher. Fueled by record-breaking eCommerce, an expanding variety of products and even more fulfillment options, more companies are searching for the next best WMS, explains Bridget McCrea of Logistics Management. While many companies want “out-of-the-box” WMS solutions, it is difficult to distinguish one that contains what is needed from systems with unnecessary features. A WMS third-party integrator can help key stakeholders review features of WMS solutions and select the system(s) best suited for a given facility.

An Integrator Helps Form the Change Management Team

Selecting the right system to is only half the battle. A company must form a change management team and ensure the team sticks to the schedule and budget allocated for initial implementation, maintenance of the system, and rollout of training programs for staff members. Maintenance and training for the use of the system can require vast resources and expertise in varying vendor-specific systems.

A third-party integrator can help operations and executive-level leaders in an organization determine who will be on the change management team, if not already formed. Furthermore, an outside integrator can help the change management team begin the process of developing a schedule, budget, and overall plan for system implementation.

An integrator Reduces WMS Total Cost Ownership by Solving Challenges to Implementation and Maintenance

Acting as an outside expert, a third-party integrator lends experience in maintaining the stability of your current system to ensure your facility runs as smoothly as possible during the transition to a new system. Prior to implementation, the right third-party integrator can provide unbiased design and advisory services to ensure you are making the right decisions at the most critical point in the project.

As the project continues, a third-party integrator can aid in the creation and execution of a thorough testing plan to ensure the system works as needed in a production environment. A third-party integrator can also assist with the creation and delivery of a knowledge transfer program that results in a staff that is excited and prepared to use the new system on day one.

Throughout the implementation, unforeseen challenges will arise. Having a knowledgeable, unbiased expert to assist with critical decisions and expedite issue resolution can mean the difference between large-scale problems and a smooth transition of systems. Post implementation, a third-party integrator can provide tools and training to IT to properly maintain the new system and to keep it running in an optimal fashion.

Select a Knowledgeable, Proven Third-Party Integrator to Improve Customer Experiences

It is important to consider how problems that arise can negatively impact the customer experience. Unnecessary delays, inaccurate orders, and disconnects between the warehouse and customer service representatives will tarnish your brand and lead to a poor customer experience. However, proactive management by partnering with a third-party integrator can prevent avoidable mistakes. Lessen the financial, emotional, and physical burden of change management, and improve customer experiences simultaneously by finding the right third-party integrator. Find out how your organization can reduce delays and take advantage of new WMS solutions by contacting Veridian online today.