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WMS Deployment: Setting The I.T. Team’s Expectations when Getting Ready to Deploy a WMS

Chances are good your company has decided to upgrade or implement a better warehouse management system (WMS) to meet the growing demands of omnichannel retail. However, the decision to deploy newer systems places immense pressure on your IT team. Unfortunately, your staff members will blame your internal IT team if things go south, but you can help ensure everyone is on the same page by setting realistic expectations, as explained by Freddie Pierce of Supply Chain Digital, for WMS deployment and taking these steps.

Include the IT Department in the Change Management Team for Selection and WMS Deployment

During the selection phase of finding a new WMS system, IT team members should be included in the change management team. This will help ensure all necessary IT requirements and standards are upheld, and it will help IT team members understand what will and will not be necessary during deployment.

Set a WMS Deployment Schedule

It is also important to set a schedule for WMS deployment, and your IT team should be heavily involved in this process as well. While this is most often completed during WMS selection, your IT department should have a voice in creating the WMS deployment schedule, assuming everything within the WMS selection went according to plan.

Define the System’s Core Functions and How They Address Current Pain Points

Your IT team should also understand your new system’s core functions and how they address current pain points within your organization. This will allow the IT team to review any necessary paperwork and add to the list of issues that need to be addressed during WMS deployment for a successful goal-life date.

Review System Demonstrations

The IT teams will benefit from reviewing system demonstrations during the WMS selection phase. The team should also review all necessary integration requirements found during WMS selection, and the team must be present and involved in all testing. This will help eliminate uncertainty and set realistic expectations for deployment.


WMS deployment is also impossible without appropriate collaboration. All members of the change management team and employees in your organization, including your IT team members, should work together to ensure the successful WMS deployment. In addition, your staff members will turn to your IT department as leaders during this time, so setting realistic expectations among your IT staff and more important.

Take Advantage of Professional Warehouse Management System Deployment Support

Since the level of risk during WMS deployment is high, your IT department may feel overwhelmed. This is compounded when using metrics and key performance indicators to track the performance of WMS deployment, your IT team and any unanticipated problems. However, you can give your IT team an extra boost of confidence by taking advantage of Professional WMS deployment support services before, during and after deployment.