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What is ConfigBuilder & What’s the Role in WMS Implementation?

Around the globe, Warehouse Managers are turning to innovative, cloud-based warehouse management systems (WMS) to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Unfortunately, the path to implementing a new WMS is not always clear, and manual processes can dramatically affect the total cost of ownership. To improve WMS implementation, Warehouse Managers need to understand the benefits of a modern technology, like ConfigBuilder, and its role in WMS implementation.

The Problem: Warehouse Managers May Rely on Outdated, Manual Processes for Configuration

Take a moment to think about what goes into implementing a new WMS. Data must be collected from existing systems and migrated to a new system. Furthermore, the new system will contain standardized settings, which must be adjusted to allow for optimization of unique warehouse processes. This is where risk can emerge in implementing a successful system. Warehouse Managers may be relying on outdated, manual processes for completing the configuration of the new system.

Within a single application environment, extensive key entry can lead to inaccurate entries and incorrect or missing configuration elements. To make matters worse, the same configuration elements are required to be identical across multiple environments used for development, testing, training, and production. Key entry increases the risk for inconsistencies in configuration, and, ultimately the performance of the system. This can lead to unexpected behaviors across environments which can lead to unnecessary troubleshooting, all because the configuration didn’t exactly match.

The Solution: ConfigBuilder Streamlines System Configuration

Veridian’s ConfigBuilder is part of the AutoMate platform, allowing Warehouse Managers to seamlessly update configuration changes in the WMS from one correctly configured environment to another. Since the process is automated, Warehouse Managers can reduce the time spent in making such changes and seamlessly migrate all configuration (or just specific parts) of configuration across environments. As a result, Warehouse Managers can spend less time working on configuration, lowering total cost of ownership and reducing the time to a positive ROI for new WMS investments.

The Reward: Key Benefits of Using ConfigBuilder During WMS Implementation

The biggest benefits of using an automated configuration tool are simple: Warehouse Managers can add facilities to the distribution networks, manage changes, and bring new systems into alignment with the new WMS.

For example, a Warehouse Manager can set up a complex configuration change once, and these settings can be migrated throughout the application network. In other words, the entire process is reduced from labor-intensive hours of work across multiple systems to a single system configuration migration. This also serves to reduce the risk of disruptions, improving productivity, and allowing warehouse management to focus on what really matters, not just changes to the WMS. Furthermore, Veridian ConfigBuilder offers a simple, user-friendly interface that is intuitive. Warehouse Managers can easily set up the configuration elements to be migrated, identify the source system of the configuration and identify the destination system(s) to receive the updates.

This has the net effect of reducing total cost of ownership and builds rapport between warehouse management and members of the C-Suite. Although this benefit is a primary reason for using ConfigBuilder during new WMS implementation, it can have additional benefits when making any necessary changes to system configuration later down the line. In the age of cloud-based technology, configurations may and will change, and the frequency may vary from monthly to daily. Imagine the necessary changes in configuration required to put away a new line of products being received for the holiday season. Instead of spending countless hours setting up the configuration in all warehouses in the network, it need be completed in only one. Veridian ConfigBuilder can be used to propagate the completed configuration from the desired source environment to all necessary target environments with nominal effort.

Let Veridian Guide You Through WMS Implementation

Successful WMS implementation is hard to gauge, and for organizations that have relied on manual configuration entry across multiple environments, Veridian ConfigBuilder can be a limitless resource in streamlining implementation. Furthermore, Veridian has the experience and skills necessary to ensure your next migration and configuration is successful.

Veridian can help you realize your supply chain success. Fill out the contact information below in order to schedule a consultation call with one of our supply chain professionals.